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Ambrus, Gambia

Ambrus, from the Republic of Gambia, loved to play soccer. Because of a hole in his heart, he was continually weak and had shortness of breath. Gift of Life Long Island, working with St. Francis Hospital was able to correct the issue. Ambrus is back home and playing soccer regularly.

UPDATE: Ambrus’s father sent this note of thanks.

…You will be forever in my heart for the life saving you carried out on Ambrus and now he is a normal person not suffering as he use to be. Am ever grateful to all who in one way or the other contributed in saving the life of Ambrus who has been suffering for so long before he came to be rescued by wonderful people like you…

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Alp, Kosova

Alp, was 4 years old, living in Kosova when his parents noticed that he wasn’t growing. In addition, he was continually having trouble breathing. After identifying Alp as a candidate for a catherization, Gift of Life Long Island brought him to the states for his procedure. Alp is back home, in school and just celebrated his 6th birthday.

Jiben, Haiti

9 year old Jiben’s, is from Haiti. He was in desperate need of a catherization procedure to repair a hole in his heart. While in the procedure, Dr. Sean Levchuck of St. Francis Hospital discovered the hole to be larger than first thought. Through his and his team’s skill, they were able to repair the hole and Jibens is back home and enrolled in school for the first time. Featured in the photo is Dr. Sean Levchuck with Jibens after surgery. Jibens aunt is serving him some of his first food post-surgery.

Olta, Kosova

Olta was a precious little 4 year old from Kosova at the time of her surgery. As in many of these cases, the heart had a hole that needed to be repaired to ensure Olta a long and healthy life. Thanks to Gift of Life Long Island, after her successful procedure at St. Francis Hospital, Olta is back in her home country growing up a healthy little girl!