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Mission Statement

Gift of Life Long Island is committed to providing hope to children from developing countries with heart disease, regardless of their gender, creed, or national origin, by supporting autonomous GOL programs in an effort to care for these children in need and to coordinate the development of sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery, catheterization and aftercare programs in select countries through the empowerment of local healthcare professionals.

We are Gift of Life Long Island…
Big Hearts, Healing Little Hearts!

Founded in 1987, more than 30 years ago, Gift of Life Long Island is among the first Gift of Life Chapters formed.

We are dedicated to doing everything possible to help an estimated 1.3 million children born each year with a congenital heart defect. 93% are born in a country that has no capacity to help them.

Today, we are proud to be part of the community of 82 Gift of Life International Chapters.

Collectively, we have provided treatment to over 30,000 children in 80 countries across 5 continents.

We are a 100% volunteer organization. We team up with World Class Doctors and Healthcare professionals on Long Island, who donate their time and expertise to provide hope and healing to children around the world with heart disease.

What We Do

Surgeries in the NY area – We work with other Gift of Life programs on five continents in order to provide care to children. Children who come to New York for assistance are often recommended by participating programs or other medical teams who examine the children near where they live. Often parents themselves research the internet looking to help their children. The program in the home country helps to coordinate transportation to the US, obtain passports and visas and assure that the child and parent have round trip travel to New York. The Gift of Life program handles all activity from the time the family arrives in New York until they leave. Most families stay between 4 and 6 weeks, stay with a host family that volunteers to provide room, meals and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. All travel to medical appointments, medication and incidental expenses are covered by the Gift of Life.

Mission Trips – Gift of Life Long Island also participates in medical training and screening missions to several countries. In effect, this brings the medical care to the child rather than bringing the child to the US. In a screening mission, a team of medical professionals including doctors, surgeons and nurses will visit the country for a week or more, evaluate a number of children and treat as many as possible either through non-interventional means or surgical procedures. Complex cases are referred to participating hospitals here in the US or other programs around the world. A training mission is similar except that in addition to the team treating the children, they also work with local medical professionals to train them in the latest procedures and practices.

Where We Help

We go where the need is greatest and have provided care to children from countries including…

Bolivia Haiti Lebanon Siberia
Dominican Republic Honduras Nigeria Syria
El Salvador Hungary Philippines Trinidad & Tobago
Egypt India Poland Uganda
Gambia Kosova Romania

Board of Directors

Harry Miller


Arnold Quaranta


David Ardam


Robert Nathan


Patrick Barry
Dr. Teresa Bryant
Virginia Bull
Christopher Dee
Joe DeVincent, Chairman emeritus
Cliff Hammond

Paul Herman
Dr. Raj Patel
William Sanok
Roger Satnick
Steve Taitz
Wendy Walsh- DeMaria